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Thoughtful Interior design, brought to you by a fancy labrador

If you read my book, you'll know that each hair I shed is intentionally placed as part of a sophisticated interior design strategy. You will also know that CERTAIN PEOPLE in this home have no appreciation for my decorating talents.

I recently decided that I needed to expand my horizons beyond shedding, and into bedazzling. Yes, you read that correctly. Because my access to an actual BeDazzler was (unfairly) restricted, I had to get creative. Fortunately, Being Creative comes naturally to me.*

*This is my whimsical and creative photo montage. It's a thought piece on the meaning of Ear Kabooms.


You may've noticed that it has been 48 katrillion degrees lately. As such, our intern has been adding ice to our water bowls, so the water stays cool. It was when I was getting a drink of this ice-cold delicious that inspiration struck! I would bedazzle the kitchen floor. With ice cubes. I got straight to work, sloshing ice and water out of my bowl into a stunning array of shimmering icy sparkles. I will tell you, that floor positively gleamed!

Just then, our intern skated past, which was surprising, seeing as how we were in the kitchen and not at an ice rink.

It turns out that ice cube bedazzling is hazardous to the unsuspecting kitchen visitor. There was some shouting, followed by dish towels on the floor. . .followed by the end of my bedazzling career.

Not to worry! Soon it'll be Autumn and I'll be bringing dead leaves into the house like a boss. I can't wait to see what I create with those.

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1 Comment

Ooh, Mrs. R. how beautiful the floor must have looked bedazzled in water and ice chips 😉. I like to bedazzle my floor in goober 😂. My Mom always seems to step right in it, you would think after all these years she would have learned 😉. Can’t wait to see the bedazzling you do with leaves 🍁 😉.

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