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i noticed you weren't noticing me

I wouldn't dream of interrupting you, unless it was Very Important.


It has come to my attention that I am occasionally considered. . .a pest, which undoubtedly falls under a category labeled "WRONG." To rectify this issue quickly, I have assembled a partial list of Interruption-Worthy Situations. Humans, I recommend that you keep this list handy.

  1. You are sitting in my spot.

  2. You are trying to do six things at once, when everyone knows that seven is better.

  3. Anytime you are painting anything, especially if you are on a ladder.

  4. You are measuring three cups of flour, but only have a 1/4 cup so you must carefully monitor how much you've added.

  5. You are writing this blog post.

  6. You are jammed under the sink, trying to fix a leaky pipe.

  7. You sat down for five minutes of uninterrupted quiet. (I mean, really?)

  8. You have just gotten ready for a special/important occasion, including, but not limited to: graduations, weddings, anniversary dinners, retirement parties, birthdays, interviews, dates, and so on.

  9. Anytime you are on the floor, trying to stretch. Leave that to the pros. (Ahem, over here!)

  10. Whenever I notice that you weren't noticing me.

Obviously, this is only a partial list. But you wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

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Daisy wholeheartedly agrees with all on this list Mrs. R. 😉🥰.

Replying to

I suspected that Daisy and I are both very intuitive and wise. 😀

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