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"Mrs. R. possesses an Elle Woods blend of legal prowess and waggish charm, and her newfound need to be an advocate for others will inspire young readers to look beyond their comfort zones."

Mrs. R. is full of personality, and readers will love her tongue-in-cheek commentaries on what the humans get up to. 

Mrs. R. Snugglesworth is a delightful chapter book, perfect for anyone who loves dogs or just a good, tangled comedy.

"A winning combination of elementary detective mystery and pet humor worthy of top dog honors."

I initially purchased this book for my daughter, age 10, for some summer reading. However, on the very first page I found myself laughing out loud with her. This led us to read the whole book together. We loved how Mrs. R. Is the "Best" at so many things, which led to a long string of similar declarations in our own house. This book is fun for kids and adults and dog lovers and anyone who wants to sit back and smile for a couple of hours. Highly recommend!


Maggie B., Amazon

I fell in love with the cover and had a lot of fun in reading this book. It's written tongue in cheek and it can be appreciated by adults and children. There's a lot of humour, a lovely canine MC, and a plot that flows. Highly recommended. - Anna Maria G., NetGalley


Oh my goodness what an adorable story. This would make a charming bedtime story for young readers or even a chapter book for those ready for more. 

Mrs. R. Snugglesworth decides to become an attorney and go to law school. She gets her first client, a Great Dane named Pitter Patter, accused of stealing his human's beloved stuffed animal. 

The story is told from Mrs. R's point of view and she is the Best at Just About Everything. The author is completely believable that she could be a dog and I very much enjoyed the story and the smiles it offered. The book seemed to end with a possibility for more and you can definitely sign me up to read more of them.

Highly recommend for anyone who loves smart doggos and slightly used sandwiches. - Lizz, Goodreads


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