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  1. Mrs. R. is eager to take on a new challenge, but then puts off the responsibilities that come with the challenge, and Pitter-Patter gets very upset with her. What could Mrs. R. have done differently to make sure she could keep the promise she made to Pitter Patter?

  2. Mrs. R. decides to try law school when she is bored. What do you do when you are feeling bored?

  3. What are some of the things that Maple Lane does that make it difficult for Mrs. R. to concentrate in class? Why do you think Maple Lane acts this way?

  4. What does Mrs. R. learn about how to be a good friend?

  5. Towards the end of the story, Maple Lane helps Mrs. R. with her law school exams. Why do you think Maple Lane decided to help Mrs. R., after being so rude to her?

  6. What are some of the rules that humans follow that seem silly to dogs?

  7. Why do you think Mrs. R. calls her family The Kitchen, The Vacuum, Crunchy, and Snicker, instead of regular names?

  8. What do you think really happens when a dog thinks they are invisible?

  9. What does Mrs. R. do when she realizes that she has let down Pitter-Patter?

  10. Why do you think Mrs. R. broke her promise to Popsicle and didn’t let him eat the sidewalk snacks?

  11. Does Mrs. R. intend to be a bad friend? If not, why did she do some of the things she did?

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