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Updated: Sep 5, 2022


Walk with me, back to last October.

A rumor emerged in the household. A rumor surrounding. . .a puppy.

"You'll love having a brother!" they said.

December arrived. His name was Cool McDude.

They called him Cool. I said "agree to disagree," but my input was ignored.

First, he stole my bed. Next, he took my food. He nipped constantly at my glorious double chins.

"Mind the chins!" I'd bark, to no avail.

Eventually, thanks to my expert tutelage, he got the hang of the whole "mine," "his," and "ours" concept.

Or so I thought.

Do you know whose Halloween costume that is in the photo? Surely not Cool's, as he was NOT EVEN BORN last Halloween.

It is not even October. If one is to steal holiday outfits, they should at least be in the vicinity of the holiday.

I am just saying.

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